Life Connections

Psalm 71:9

“Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.”

Experience you can count on.


     Your job is critical.  As a dedicated long-term care provider, you deliver quality care to your residents.  Our job is to give you more freedom to focus on that care.

     We are dedicated to providing resources to the communities we manage in the form of specialized divisions and programs. Among those resources used to reconnect people to life, is the Life Connections Division.  Life Connections revolutionizes the way people connect with therapies by creating new realities in interactive experiences. An abundance of health and wellness can be found all around us when we reach out to reconnect with God, nature, self, and others. Our Life Connection Coordinators are dedicated to immersing the patients served in our managed communities in never-before-seen ways by incorporating various therapies and rehabilitation exercises to spiritual and life practices.

Life Connection In Action

life-connection1Mr. Credille’s Connection

Braxton Credille was admitted Courtyards Community Living Center after suffering a stroke that affected his left side. Mr. Credille was a very active individual who was competing in 5k races up until May 2013. After about 8 months of intensive therapy, it was evident that Mr. Credille was not going to be able to regain his prior level of function and be able to return home or run competitively.

The Reconnection Plan

Through the Life Story, it became clear there were several disconnects: a disconnection from self – running and participating in races; a disconnection with nature – running outdoors; and a disconnection with others – running with others and competing. Trying to find a way to help him cope with his depression, anger, and resentment, Mr. Credille’s nephew, Brian, came up with the idea of entering him into a 5k race that was fast approaching. So, with the help of Mike Stamper, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, they began jogging and pushing Mr. Credille around the track at Courtyards Community Living Center to see if they could pull off their idea.

life-connection2The Result

On May 24th, 2014, Mike and Brian took turns pushing Mr. Credille in the Shepherd’s Hand 5k race!! After the success of the first race, the duo teamed up once again, in August, for the Bear Creek Festival 5k race! Mr. Credille currently resides at Courtyards Community Living Center and continues to work at regaining his independence.